About – web2apk.org

Create your Android App in one single step

You just fill a simple form including your website URLs and the necessary Details in order to customize your app. This website will create the App and give you a link and Apk file for you to download it. This resulting App will be ready to be published by you in your Google Play account or on your own website.


Why ?

The number of mobile devices with full web browsing capability is growing in such a way that right now Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. are playing their battleground over the mobile market. So it figures that anything you can do to place your website in those millions of devices, is a good thing.


Why provide this service ?

About two years ago, I was in the search for a website offering a service similar to this one. I found it and happily created my first app with them. I published my app under my own google play store account, only to find some days later that the app was showing big ads over my content. This was an annoying problem for me. Specially because that website where I created my app, claimed how easy it was to go from your website url to an App, all while being a FREE service.

I consider it deceptive by not making it more clear and obvious that apps made with the “free” tag – unless you pay them big money not to – includes the right to place all the ads they wanted over my web content. But then it happens that I am a programmer too. So I decided not to use their ‘free’ services anymore and created my own app without their interference. Now, just for the fun of it, I created this website, similar to their own but for a very low price and I get to show no ads or anything in your app. I hope you find it useful.