How to convert website into app

Before i tell you about – “how to convert website into app” it is more inportant to know – why you need a app ?

Why you need a app ?

In 2022 that is Post COVID pandemic there is a sudden change in buyer’s shopping patter – now customer prefer to order online rather than going out, hence after covid there is a sudden growth in all ecommerce business but now instead of opening a browser typing a url – customer prefer to install a app in his phone.

Hence in order to get more sales and also to ensure repeat customer’s order its very very important to have a app of your business.

How to convert your website into app ?

Well there are more than one method for this :

1) You can hire a freelancer to develope a app for your business form scratch, there are some advantages as its will be specifically for your business but disadvantage is that it will be time consuming and costly process.

2) you can place a order on – for your app and you get your app delivered in less than 48 hours – Cool Right ? at a super affordable price of 10$.

Hope this article would improve your knowledge and grow your business.

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